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Next Performance: Jan 13 at Spice of Life…


We will be playing at The Spice of Life in Soho on January 13, 2018. We’ll start around 9pm but music starts at 7pm.

















This past Saturday I had the pleasure of playing some bluegrass tunes with Laine Hines and Reverend Swifty at the Bohem Brewery Taproom in North London. The Bohem Taproom is ran by some cool, Czech expats that brew up tasty, traditional Bohemian lagers.

I actually prefer pilsners over IPAs. Bohem has the best pilsners in North London. Watch out, pilsners will be making a strong surge in the microbrewery world. I feel it.

The tiny tap room has gypsy jazz (Manouche) Fridays and bluegrass Saturdays. Check it out.

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